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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-14 Out of School Programs/Events

Date Jun 2020
Review Jun 2025
  1. The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) supports out of school programs as a valuable means of enriching the curriculum, valuing different learning styles and connecting learning to real world experiences.
  2. An out of school program should include classroom preparation and follow-up, should engage students in a manner consistent with curriculum expectations and consider access and opportunity for all students.
  3. The School Administrator(s) will ensure the following:
    1. A range of out of school programs are explored to maximize student engagement and participation through the year.
    2. The fees associated with the program are not cost prohibitive to any student.
    3. The designation of a teacher who will be in charge of the program.
    4. A plan for safety, insurance and individual student medical care is arranged.
    5. The plan for supervision to ensure the safety and well-being of students based on the type of activity, the age, special needs and skills of the students and/or any special conditions regarding a specific site(s).
    6. The communication of details regarding trip to parents/guardians.
    7. A plan for the arrangement of transportation for students to and from the event.
    8. A process for obtaining parent/guardian consent to participate.
    9. The completion of the form authorizing volunteer drivers.
    10. A process to obtain parent/guardian consent regarding use of volunteer drivers.
    11. The provision of an alternate program for students not participating in the out of school programs.
    12. That all other related DSBN administrative procedures and policies are followed.

Any out of school programs or events that have an overnight component or take place out of province require Superintendent of Schools approval. Any out of school programs that take place outside of Canada require Director of Education approval.