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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-32 Fees for Learning Materials and Activities

Date Feb 2023
Review Feb 2028

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) believes that all students can learn, and we are committed to every student achieving success. Every student has the right to attend a school, where they are a qualified resident pupil, without payment of a fee. It is understood that each student should benefit and have equal access to programs and resources in their regular day school.

DSBN schools may choose to offer enhanced programming and materials which are voluntary enrichments to the curricular or co-curricular activities beyond what is necessary to meet the learning expectations for a particular grade, subject or course. In these cases, fees may be charged and collected by the school to cover cost associated with the activity which include but are not limited to the cost of transportation and cost of entry fees, admissions etc. It is also understood that schools may potentially charge school/student activity fees. This includes but is not limited to student yearbooks, special events, athletics and student council activities.

Schools are required to develop strategies that recognize and reduce barriers to participation and work to effectively include all students in opportunities being provided. In situations where fees may be charged to students, the school administration shall make every effort to assist students with limited financial means in a confidential manner. While no student should be excluded from participating in any school activity or event based on the ability to pay, some activities and events may require a plan for recovery of the cost or partial cost for participation.

Where any fees are collected, all funds received will be accounted for in accordance with DSBN Policies and Procedures. These fees are collected to complement and not replace public funding for education.