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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Human Resources - General

E-12 Workplace Wellness

Date Feb 2018
Review Feb 2023

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) seeks to provide a supportive work environment which encourages employees to make thoughtful choices regarding healthy living that contribute to their personal well being. The primary focus of the DSBN’s Workplace Wellness program is to raise awareness, offer education, and to encourage smoke-free living, sound nutrition, physical fitness and stress management. Expected results of this program include an increase in the number of employees choosing to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This program is supported and promoted by the Workplace Wellness Committee representing all stakeholder groups. The objectives of this committee include:

  • To promote a healthy, productive, safe and supportive work environment;
  • To provide employees access to knowledge and skills which improve and maintain healthy and safe behaviours;
  • To communicate wellness information to all employees on a regular basis;
  • To provide wellness workshops throughout the school year on a variety of topics with presenters from within our Board‛s community and from the private and public sector;
  • To encourage staff participation in these workshops and act on feedback from these programs;
  • To review statistics on employee usage of our Employee Assistance Program and recommend actions and workshops dealing with relevant issues;
  • To encourage worksites to promote wellness;
  • To review statistics on employee illness/medical leaves, employee attendance at wellness initiatives, satisfaction surveys and verbal feedback.


  • Policy E-01: Smoke-Free Learning and Workplace Environments
  • Policy E-13: Attendance Support Program