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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Human Resources - General

E-01 Smoke-Free Learning and Workplace Environments

Date Nov 2023
Review Nov 2028

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) wishes to safeguard the health of its students and employees by ensuring smoke-free learning and working environments.

  1. In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking or vaping or the holding of lit tobacco is prohibited inside the building of any school, or on any outdoor property used by the school and in all DSBN owned/leased vehicles.
  2. In addition, any smoking device and smokeless tobacco product (e.g., chewing tobacco), or vaping device which includes e-cigarettes are prohibited from all schools or on any outdoor property used by the school.
  3. Due to the fact that Administrative and outdoor education facilities are frequently used as a classroom and co-op placement site, smoking is also prohibited on the Education Centre, Curriculum Support Services, Special Education Support Services, Outdoor Education Centres and Service Centre premises.
  4. Students shall be instructed on the health hazards associated with smoking. In addition to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, teachers are encouraged to reinforce the message in other courses as well as in activities such as coaching.
  5. School and Site Administrators shall ensure that "No Smoking and No Vaping" signs are posted in accordance with the legislation and regulations.
  6. Persons/organizations who use DSBN facilities and their outdoor property shall agree to abide by this Policy as a condition of their community use of schools agreement for the use of the facilities/outdoor property.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in a motor vehicle driven by a volunteer driver carrying student passengers, regardless of the age of the student.
  8. An exception to this policy shall be made for the use of traditional tobacco as it relates to some Indigenous cultures. When used for such purposes, consultation with the school Administrator and Indigenous Education SAL should be completed in advance.