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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-21 Advertising in Schools

Date Apr 2010
Review Apr 2021
  1. No person, business or organization shall be permitted to advertise, distribute, promote, offer for sale or sell, directly or indirectly, any product, activity or service to students in a school or on the school property without permission from the Principal, normally in consultation with the School Council.
  2. Fees shall be charged, or goods/services in kind received, for commercial advertisements.

    A written advertising contract between the school and the advertiser shall be prepared for each type of advertisement. This agreement shall include: nature/description of the advertisement, compensation/fee for the advertisement, and conditions for the renewal and termination of the agreement.

    Principals are advised to consult the School Superintendent prior to signing such an agreement.
  3. Commercial advertising will normally be restricted to gymnasia, cafeteria, school and Board publications (i.e., yearbooks, event programs, newsletters, websites).
  4. Requests for advertising in classrooms or other instructional settings must be approved by the Board.
  5. Any required alterations to buildings or grounds that might be needed as a result of a decision connected to this Policy must be approved by the appropriate Supervisory Officer, and follow the steps outlined in Administrative Procedure: School Initiated Alteration Projects. Alterations would include posting of exterior signs on Board property.
  6. Funds and other benefits such as "bonuses" or prizes generated from commercial advertisements and promotional material shall be used to support school related activities.
  7. The distribution of information and/or an invitation to students to participate in projects or contests initiated by political officials/candidates shall be considered a form of advertising.


  • Policy G-20: Sponsorships, Scholarships, Donations, Partnerships for Learning