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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-20 Sponsorships, Scholarships, Donations, Partnerships for Learning

Date May 2022
Review May 2027

The DSBN offers its support for the provision of assistance by individuals, businesses and community groups through agreements to provide human, material and financial resources, as well as encouragement and expertise. This assistance may include the provision of scholarships, bursaries, awards or prizes, the sponsorship of events, the purchase of uniforms and equipment, or the donation of items. Sponsorships, scholarships, donations and partnerships must not compromise or exploit students or staff and must be consistent with Ministry Fundraising Guidelines which state that funds raised for school purposes are to be used to complement, not replace, public funding for education and cannot be used to increase the student capacity of a school.

Each sponsorship, scholarship, donation, or partnership must be compatible with the DSBN Strategic Plan as well as the expressed purpose of the specific event, activity, program, or project being sponsored. At its sole discretion, the DSBN reserves the right to accept or decline offers of sponsorship, scholarship, donation and/or partnership.

Where questions arise regarding the appropriateness of the type and/or conditions of a proposed sponsorship, scholarship, donation or partnership, the Director or other designated personnel should be consulted prior to finalizing such an agreement.

Any sponsorship whose conditions would apply to more than one school would require formal approval by the Board of Trustees. Any formal partnership would require a written agreement and permission of the appropriate Supervisory Officer



    In accordance with Ontario Regulation 357/06, the honorarium for a member of the Board, in respect of any year of his or her term of office, shall consist of the following components.


    A formal and clearly defined agreement for a specified period of time between the DSBN and a company or community-based organization through which the sponsor provides DSBN with financial or resource support in exchange for advertising opportunities, recognition or other benefits as mutually agreed upon between the Sponsor and the DSBN.


    A voluntary gift in the form of money, goods or services, made for philanthropic reasons, where the tangible benefit for the Donor is acknowledgement of a charitable donation and/or a letter of than.


    1. Commercial sponsorships of an event or program should be provided in the spirit of community involvement in the life of the school. The corporate sponsor's influence should not alter the competitive or qualitative nature of the activity, or program, or project in any way and should not supersede the identification of the school in prominence.

    1. Individuals or corporations may offer scholarships, bursaries, prizes or awards to recognize excellence in student achievement in academic proficiency, or high-level performance in sports, music, drama, etc.A scholarship or bursary may be a one-time gift or offered on an ongoing basis.
    2. Money received for the purpose of establishing an ongoing scholarship shall be administered in trust by the DSBN.

    1. It is recognized that although a donor may make a presentation of money or an item to a specific school, all donations are the property of the DSBN.
    2. All items and equipment donated must meet minimum standards, as determined by the DSBN or outside regulatory bodies, and must not create liabilities deemed unacceptable by the DSBN.

Tax receipts, when requested and appropriate, will be authorized by the Superintendent of Business Services, according to established procedures.