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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-11 Assault /Threatening Incidents Involving Students

Date Feb 2023
Review Feb 2028


The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) recognizes the importance of healthy relationships and a positive school climate to create and sustain a safe, caring, inclusive, and accepting environment for all students. The DSBN does not tolerate acts of violence or assault by any individual, including students.  All DSBN employees, who work directly with students, must respond to all student behaviours that may lead to acts of violence, bullying or assault.   Fighting, bullying, harassment and/or threatening by act, gesture or writing/electronic communication may be considered forms of assault. 

Such behaviour is inconsistent with the expectations for students outlined in PPM 145: Progressive Discipline and Promoting Student Positive Behaviour as well as the DSBN Policy: Student Discipline Policy (G-28) and DSBN Code of Conduct for Schools(G-08). The range of options includes corrective and restorative actions up to and including suspension, expulsion and/or Police involvement.

Promoting healthy relationships and strengthening the universal delivery of social-emotional learning and mental health literacy are essential for student well-being and student success. The DSBN is committed to supporting students’ academic, social and emotional development.

Where sexual assault is involved, the Police Protocol, FACS Protocol and DSBN Policy: Harassment and Discrimination Prevention (Ontario Human Rights Code & Occupational Health & Safety Act) (G-39) Policy should be consulted.