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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-07 Vandalism

Date Feb 2020
Review Feb 2025

This policy seeks to support the proper care and maintenance of schools by students, staff and the community, and to support measures which will discourage vandalism (wilful damage) to District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) property.


  1. Wilful damage, destruction or misappropriation of school property by students will normally result in student discipline and the requirement of restitution. The Police may also be involved.
  2. Accidental damage by students, destruction or loss of school property may require restitution, but will not involve student discipline.
  3. When acts of vandalism or damage are committed by persons other than DSBN students, the Police will normally be involved.


  1. Students and staff shall be encouraged to take pride in their school and to help to reduce vandalism.
  2. Schools shall encourage and implement strategies with neighbours for reporting of unauthorized after hours activities.
  3. The removal of graffiti in a timely manner discourages vandalism. Graffiti shall be removed as quickly as possible under the supervision of appropriate DSBN personnel.