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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Facility Services & Operations

F-06 Video Security Surveillance

Date Jun 2020
Review Jun 2025

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) and its schools strive to maintain safe and secure learning environments for students, staff and community members involved in school programs. The DSBN supports the installation of Video Security Surveillance equipment at each of its schools and other facilities according to design standards for each type of facility. Following installation, School Administrators are authorized to operate the systems in accordance with the appropriate operating procedures.

Surveillance activities involving the collection, retention, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information in the form of video surveillance must be in compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Since video security surveillance systems complement other means being used to promote and foster a safe and secure learning environment under the Safe Schools Act, cameras will be positioned to record activity only in identified public areas on DSBN Properties.

The DSBN recognizes that student transportation is an extension of the learning environment and supports the use of video security surveillance systems on any vehicle contracted for student transportation services by the DSBN through Niagara Student Transportation Services, if deemed necessary to ensure the ongoing safety and security of students.