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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Human Resources - General

E-05 Digital Technology Use by Staff

Date Feb 2022
Review Feb 2027

It is the policy of the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) to provide safe and secure digital technology in support of education, research and DSBN business in a manner consistent with the DSBN’s strategic plan. The DSBN requires all employees to use digital technology in a responsible, respectful, and lawful manner, including without limitation, respecting the confidentiality and privacy of student, staff and DSBN information that employees utilize to perform their role.

To this policy, digital technology is defined as the ever-evolving suite of digital software, hardware, computer, and network infrastructures (wired, wireless, social media, Internet, cloud, audio/video collaboration tools, email, and other emerging technologies) used at the DSBN.

Employees have no right of privacy regarding any file(s) maintained in or any communication(s) through the DSBN's computer system, including but not limited to, electronic mail, telecommunications systems, cloud storage, electronic data storage devices (USB sticks, network attached storage and portable storage drives) and cellphones.

DSBN reserves the right to review any corporate digital technology and communication to ensure use is lawful and complies with DSBN Policies and Administrative Procedures. For purposes of inspecting, investigating or searching the DSBN's computerized files, including but not limited to internet logs, social networks or electronic mail, with just cause, the Director of Education (or designate) may authorize appropriate officials to bypass any applicable personal password or codes in accordance with the best interests and safety of the DSBN, its employees, students, families and visitors or where ordered to do so by law.

Inappropriate or illegal use of digital technology at the DSBN may result in disciplinary sanctions up to and including termination of employment.