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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Community Relations

C-01 Community Use Of Schools - General

Date May 2023
Review May 2028

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) encourages the use of schools as community facilities. The Community Use of Schools program supports the objectives of the DSBN and recognizes the DSBN’s primary responsibility to provide quality education to students. Community use should not interfere with the daily instructional programs and school extracurricular programs.

No organization whose policies or activities are inconsistent with the goals, policies or procedures of the DSBN will be granted permission to use DSBN facilities/property.

Permit holders agree not to carry on any activities while on DSBN property that would be in contravention of the by-laws, fire safety, health and safety regulations or otherwise be of an unlawful nature or which may be deemed to be a nuisance. Conduct that is unbecoming or inappropriate on DSBN property will result in the cancellation of the permit. The DSBN has the right at its sole discretion to deny or revoke a permit at any time

All groups must abide by the rules and regulations established by the DSBN for permit holders. Any failure to adhere to these regulations will lead to the cancellation of the permit and the assessment of charges to the renting group of all costs for damage or extra services needed.

  2. An applicant who applies for a permit must be 18 years of age or older.

  4. School space and/or property not used by students of the school, after the times outlined in Board Procedures, must be made available to the Community Use of Schools department. Use of schools by third party individuals or rental groups may only be authorized by issuance of a rental permit through the Community Use of Schools department

    1. Charges for use of school facilities/property by organizations, groups and individuals shall be established within a financial framework authorized by the DSBN.
    2. Community Use of Schools fees are reviewed and adjusted when required
    3. A non-refundable processing fee for community use of schools is required for each permit issued. Additional fees such as alteration or cancellation fees may also be applicable.
    4. The Community Use of Schools department reserves the right to request full payment or a deposit in advance of any activity.
    5. There will be no rental charges for the use of DSBN facilities/property by a school’s Parent Council where the purpose and/or any funds raised are for the direct benefit of the students of the school.
    1. All permit holders shall carry a minimum of two million dollars ($2,000,000) liability insurance naming the District School Board of Niagara as an Additional Insured.
    2. The DSBN shall not be responsible to any individual or group for personal injury or damage, nor loss or theft of personal possessions, while using DSBN facilities/property.
    3. The Permit Holder, Permit Holder Designate and/or affiliated organization agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Board from any action or claim being brought against it as a result of the use of the school facilities by the Community User
    4. All persons admitted onto DSBN property or into a DSBN facility for a Community Use event, agree to abide by all policies and procedures of the DSBN, as well as Provincial and Federal Statutes.
    1. A Permit Holder may cancel a Community Use permit provided that the permit is cancelled by the permit holder through the online permit booking system at least five (5) business days prior to the date of the event. Permit or booking cancellations may be subject to cancellation or administration fees.
    2. If a Permit Holder does not give adequate time for the Board to cancel a Community Use Permit, incurred costs (e.g. custodial overtime, rental fees, technician and administration fees) may be charged.
    3. Permits are non-transferable.
    4. The DSBN reserves the right to revoke a Permit at any time.
    1. The use of alcoholic beverages normally will not be permitted in DSBN schools or buildings.
    2. Community groups, school-based groups, committees or employees requesting special approval to sell or serve alcoholic beverages in DSBN schools or buildings may be considered on an exception basis. Requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Community Use of Schools department. All requests require the approval of the Director of Education.
    3. Upon approval, the group must obtain and pay for a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to sell or serve alcohol. A copy of the SOP along with a copy of the required liability insurance must be provided to the Community Use of Schools department before an event permit is finalized.
    4. Persons in charge of events are required to ensure that all requirements and conditions of the Special Occasion Permit and insurance policy are adhered to.
  11. In accordance with the Tobacco Control Act 1994, S.O. Chapter 10, smoking is prohibited on all school lands and premises.

  13. Games of chance, lotteries, raffles or gambling are permitted on school premises, provided they comply with all necessary laws, regulations and statutes, and are authorized under the terms of the DSBN permit.

  15. Motorized vehicles shall not be permitted on school property except in approved parking areas and where special arrangements have been made through the Community Use of Schools department, in accordance with the terms of the DSBN permit.