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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Transportation

J-01 Transportation Eligibility And Service

Date May 2019
Review Jun 2024

In accordance with the Education Act, school boards may provide home-to-school or school-to-school transportation to their students who are within the Board’s jurisdiction or control. In all cases (other than those situations specified in the Education Act), transportation is a privilege, not a right, and it may be withdrawn at any time.


  1. Transportation may be provided for elementary and secondary school students when the walking distance from the student’s residence to their home school is equal to or greater than the distance listed below:
  2. Grade Level Kilometres
    Junior Kindergarten - Senior Kindergarten .80
    Grades 1-8 1.60
    Grades 9-12 2.50
  3. All distances referenced shall be the shortest walking route, measured from the point at which the laneway or driveway of the student’s residence joins the roadway to the nearest roadway or sidewalk/approved entrance to the school property.
  4. The distance from a student’s residence to the bus pickup or discharge location shall not exceed the transportation eligibility distances.
  5. Where a student encounters safety hazards on his/her walk to school, with the approval of the Superintendent of Education and the Executive Director of Niagara Student Transportation Services, consideration may be given to providing appropriate transportation for the student.
  6. Transportation may be provided to students in exceptional circumstances, with the approval from the authorized department or Superintendent of Education.
  7. Transportation may be provided to students, who attend a school other than their home school for approved system-wide program attendance, with the approval from the authorized department or Superintendent of Education.
  8. Every effort will be made to keep student transportation time from home to school at a reasonable level. Whenever possible and practical, the transportation time is not expected to exceed one hour.
  9. In situations where a student does not qualify for transportation under the Board’s eligibility criteria, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their child gets to and from school safely.