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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Teaching Staff

I-04 Teacher Exchange - Within the District School Board Of Niagara

Date Nov 2022
Review Nov 2027
  1. Exchanges may take place across panels and will not normally extend beyond one school year. When they are cross-panel, the relevant collective agreement provisions must be adhered to but each exchangee will continue to be paid their base salary and benefits according to the collective agreement at their original panel.

    However, if one or more of the teachers involved in the exchange holds a position of responsibility, while the other does not, the exchange in the position of responsibility will relinquish their position of responsibility allowance during the exchange to cover the cost of the teacher who assumes the acting position of responsibility in their absence to ensure there is no additional cost to the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN). It is understood that when an exchange occurs, none of the schools involved is left without someone assuming the area of responsibility vacated by an exchangee.

    1. School Administrators will submit to the Human Resource Services Senior Manager – Teaching Staff, names of teachers desiring an exchange for professional development by March 1st.
    2. The appropriate Human Resources Staffing Officer will circulate a list of these teachers to each School Administrator who shall contact the teacher(s) concerning the possibility of an acceptable exchange with another teacher before April 1st.
    3. Exchange agreements will only be finalized if mutually acceptable to the teachers, School Administrator, Area Superintendents concerned, and the Superintendent of Human Resource Services.
    4. All exchanges will terminate June 30th.
  2. Should the teachers concerned wish to continue in the positions exchanged beyond the period indicated, this would require mutual agreement of all concerned.

  3. None of the above will preclude a teacher on exchange from applying for a promotion in the DSBN. If a teacher on exchange is promoted to a position of additional responsibility, then two options are open to the remaining parties in the exchange:

    1. It becomes the responsibility of the current School Administrator of the promoted teacher to hire a Long-Term Occasional replacement for the remainder of the exchange.
    2. By mutual consent of all the remaining parties to the exchange, other arrangements may be made.