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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Preamble

I-03 Policy Generating Process

Date Feb 2011
Review Feb 2016

Recommendations for development of Policy may be initiated by a variety of sources: Trustees, students, staff, members of Senior Administration, Ministry of Education or parents and community. This may occur through individual, group or committee action. Stakeholder input into the agenda may be done through written submission to the Chair who will bring it to the agenda setting meeting.

Recommendations for Policy development will normally be channelled through the Policy Advisory Committee for consideration by the Board. Where this is not possible or practical, due to short timelines or other constraints, the recommendation may be routed directly to the Board and subsequently reviewed by the Policy Advisory Committee. The development or approval of some specific Policy matters (e.g. Transportation, Board Governance) may be directed to other Board Committees.

The Policy Advisory Committee may also review any existing Policy and recommend to the Board reconsideration, revision, modification, deletion or any other course of action.