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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-23 Transfer of Students from Elementary to Secondary Schools

Date Mar 2022
Review Mar 2027

The Education Act permits school boards to establish school boundary areas and the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) has supported community schools by creating school boundaries. Students entering secondary school are expected to attend their home school unless; they are enrolled in a system wide program, a specialized program or, if there are extraordinary circumstances where an alternate school request may be granted by the DSBN (outlined below).

  • HOME SCHOOL: Students living within the geographic boundary of their home school (the secondary school within which geographic boundary they live) have the right to attend their home school.
  • SYSTEM WIDE PROGRAMS: System wide programs have a defined home school boundary within each program area and are offered in all areas of secondary schools. (e.g. French Immersion)
  • SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS: Specialized programs are offered in a limited number of secondary schools. Students apply directly to these programs. (e.g. District of Niagara Academy for the Arts at Laura Secord)
  • ALTERNATE SCHOOL REQUESTS: The alternate school request process is available for families to request an alternate secondary school outside of their home school area. This process is designed to help eliminate potential barriers that may exist for students who face extraordinary circumstances. Alternate School Requests are reviewed by a Secondary Alternate School Team with student and family input. If a student has been accepted at an alternate secondary school, the request will be honoured for the duration of their education.