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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Education Programs and Student Services

D-11 Arts Program

Date Feb 2021
Review Feb 2026

It is the goal of the District School Board of Niagara’s (DSBN) Arts Program to make the Arts integral to the complete education of every child. Students will have the opportunity to receive a balanced, culturally relevant, inclusive and comprehensive Arts Program which supports the development of communication, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking.

It is the policy of the DSBN to provide comprehensive education in the Arts according, yet not limited, to current Ministry of Education curriculum standards. Through the arts, an appreciation and understanding of a variety of cultures will be fostered.

The DSBN supports, through a variety of means, comprehensive personal and professional development in the Arts for teachers. The DSBN is committed to assisting teachers with Arts Programs and to providing leadership in the development, implementation, maintenance, and review of Arts Programs.

Curricular Program

The DSBN supports an Arts education that provides every student with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of artistic explorations, investigations, and expressions. The curriculum areas are: Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Visual Arts, and Media Arts. In the Elementary School Arts Program, students are taught aspects of each Arts strand. As students advance through the Secondary School Arts Program, areas of specialization may be available.

Co-curricular Program

The DSBN recognizes the value of including Arts performances and exhibitions in the culture of each school. Involvement of students individually or as members of a group in co-curricular Arts activities at the school and district level is encouraged. The purpose of the Arts Program is to develop within the students an appreciation for, and an interest in, the Arts which will foster their personal growth and development.

Community Partnerships

The DSBN endorses visits to arts venues, linking the learning process in schools with arts organizations in the community, and involving professional artists to complement and enrich school programs. The DSBN encourages the schools and students of the DSBN to interact with the local communities by providing exhibitions and performances at suitable venues.