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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Education Programs and Student Services

D-07 Third Party Provision of Student Support Services

Date May 2021
Review May 2026

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is committed to the provision of appropriate in-school support services for individual students or groups of students. The students who will receive this support, as well as the extent and scheduling of this support, are determined by the service allocation processes of the DSBN and Ministry of Education regulations.

Consistent with the DSBN's duty to provide appropriate and equitable services for students, parents/guardians are not permitted to purchase or otherwise provide (e.g., use of a volunteer) in-school or in-classroom student assistance, including personal support workers or other in-school professional services.

There are two circumstances which may lead to a decision that varies from this general policy:

  • The DSBN will work co-operatively with other provincially funded and regulated community agencies, (e.g., Family and Children’s Services Niagara (FACS), Pathstone, Niagara Children’s Centre) including those working with students with mental health and/or physical and/or developmental needs, in the provision of appropriate in-school and/or inclassroom services.
  • The DSBN acknowledges that in special cases, temporary rehabilitative support may be accessed with insurance claim monies, as authorized by a rehabilitation counsellor or other similar agent, regarding a specific individual. Eligibility for this service, including the selection and management of appropriate personnel, will be the responsibility of the DSBN. Such actions will be taken in consultation with the appropriate third party who will provide funding for the cost associated with the provision of such services.

The approval, denial or termination of support services provided or funded by a third party shall, at all times, be at the sole discretion and direction of the DSBN.

Access and provision of personal information regarding a student from personnel employed as in-school support funded by a third party, shall be at the discretion of the School Administrator(s) acting in accordance with the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.