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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Board Governance and Administration

A-12 School Councils

Date Feb 2011
Review Jan 2021

The District School Board of Niagara is committed to encouraging a partnership with parents that will enhance the education of our students and foster increased sharing of information between schools and the community about the programs being offered in our schools. In order to facilitate these partnerships, a school(s) shall establish and maintain a School Council.

The role of the School Council is advisory in nature, focussed on forging parent/community alliances to enhance the input provided to the school on issues, thereby allowing the school to respond to its community. The Council has a major role in establishing partnerships with parents and the community for the improvement of student learning. The role of School Councils is intended to be meaningful and relevant to the local school community, developed through local consultation, and consistent with the Education Act and Regulations and the constitution and by-laws of the Council. Members of the Council are encouraged to regularly participate in meetings and in activities within the school community. A person shall not receive any remuneration for serving as a member or officer of a School Council.

The Board has established the Parent Involvement Committee to offer support (including some assistance with expenses) to School Councils, to co-ordinate the work of School Councils and to facilitate communication between Councils and the Board, as well as the Board and Councils.


  • Policy A-08: Parent Involvement Committee
  • Policy B-03: Financial Accountability of School Based Funds
  • Policy G-19: School Initiated Canvassing and Fund-Raising