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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

G-23 Transfer of Students from Grade 8 to Secondary Schools

Date Apr 2012
Review Apr 2017

The Education Act permits school boards to establish school boundary areas and the DSBN has supported community schools by creating school boundaries. This policy directs students to attend their home school, unless for system-wide programming reasons, accessibility to programs, or other extraordinary circumstances where an alternate school request may be granted by the Board.

In order to facilitate an orderly transition process whereby students move from Grade 8 to Secondary School, and to strive for school enrolments that allow for effective programming and appropriate use of facilities, the following concepts will be the basis of the procedural framework used for that purpose:

  • RIGHT TO ATTEND: Students living within the geographic boundary of the Home School have the right to attend their Home School.
  • HOME SCHOOL: Students will normally attend their Home School (i.e., the secondary school within which geographic boundary they live). If a student has been accepted at an alternate secondary school, that school shall now be deemed to be the student’s Home School.
  • SYSTEM PROGRAM: The following system programs have a defined Home School Boundary within each program area: Extended French (French Immersion*), Special Needs, Specialized School to Work (SSTW) Program and English as a Second Language. This Boundary determines the eligibility of a student enrolled in the program to attend the school. Transportation is provided unless the student withdraws from the program and continues to attend the school.
  • DSBN ACADEMY: Available to all DSBN students through application. Transportation is provided.
  • ALTERNATE SCHOOLS: Students may apply to attend an Alternate School however, transportation is not provided.

    Program Area Offerings: Programs not available in the Home School may include Performing Arts, Instrumental Music and Technology Programs.

    • Eden - Available to all DSBN students through application.
    • Extraordinary Circumstances: As approved by the Program Area Council.
  • MINISTRY RATED CAPACITY: Secondary Schools are capped at their Ministry Rated Enrolment Capacity (F.T.E.) based on the official projected enrolment.

* Students enrolled in French Immersion commencing in Grade 1 continue with this program through Grade 12.


  • Administrative Procedure 2-11: Transfer of Students from Grade 8 to Secondary Schools
  • Administrative Procedure 4-3: Secondary School Program Review