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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Board Governance and Administration

A-11 Flag Protocol

Date Feb 2011
Review Sep 2018

Schools and administrative sites including the Education Centre shall, when possible, fly the flag of Canada. As appropriate, and with respect to established protocol, other flags such as the DSBN flag also may be flown.

The rules applied by the Canadian Heritage Department may serve as guidelines for schools and administrative sites that wish to display the National Flag of Canada.

No flag, banner, or pennant should be flown or displayed above the National Flag of Canada. Flags flown together should be approximately the same size and flown from separate staffs at the same height. The National Flag of Canada should be given the place of honor when flown or displayed with other flags:

  • When three flags are flown together, the Canadian Flag should occupy the central position, with the next ranking flag to the left and third ranking to the right, as seen by the spectators in front of the flags.


As a mark of respect, the National Flag of Canada shall be flown at half-mast upon the death of a current student, employee or Board Member from the day of passing, to the day of the funeral.

The National Flag of Canada shall be flown at half mast on any day designated as a time of mourning, or special recognition by:

  1. A Federal, Provincial or Municipal Government
  2. The Director of Education or designate

When the time of mourning falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the flag will be lowered on the Friday preceding the day of mourning.

Schools or sites with a flag that is mounted in such a way that it cannot be half-masted, shall roll up their flag and secure it with a black band or ribbon.

Flag Disposal

Where possible, a flag should be taken down every night. When your flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be sent to a local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion who will destroy the flag in a dignified manner.

To remember our veterans, all flags of the District School Board of Niagara will be flown at half mast on November 11.

According to Regulation 304/90 a Remembrance Day service shall be held in every school on the 11th day of November or, when the 11th day of November is a Saturday or a Sunday, on the Friday preceding the 11th day of November.

Information concerning, or questions regarding, matters covered by this policy should be addressed to Communications and Public Relations Office.


  • Administrative Procedure 5-07: Notification of the Death of a Student, Employee or Board Member