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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Plant Services and Operations

F-03 Facility Access and Intrusion Alarms

Date Jan 2017
Review Jan 2022


In order to protect the District School Board of Niagara’s (DSBN) students, staff, facilities, equipment and assets and to provide reasonable access, the DSBN supports the use of electronic access, master keys and security systems.


    1. Design Standard

      Access to each DSBN facility will be controlled through the use of an electronic access system made up of a card reader at the main entrance door.

    2. Authority for Design

      Facility Services is responsible for the design, installation and cost associated with the electronic access system. The design of these systems will be consistent throughout the DSBN.

    3. Access

      School Administrators will have the authority to grant access to Board facilities by providing access cards to their school staff.

      Facility Services Managers will have the authority to grant access cards or master keys to system support staff, pre-approved contractors, and community groups.


    Distribution and management of interior school keys shall be the responsibility of the School Administrator.


    • Intrusion alarms shall be provided in all facilities where required to protect DSBN property.
    • Each user accessing a facility shall be issued a personal access code which is to be used exclusively by that person.
    • Any person or organization who improperly uses the system will be responsible for the cost of any alarm charges.


  • Policy C-01: Community Use of Schools