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District School Board of Niagara
Policy School Operations

E-02 Sexual Harassment

Date Jan 2012
Review Jan 2017

The District School Board of Niagara is committed to the belief that all employees and students have the right to work and learn in an environment that is free of any form of sexual harassment. This belief is reinforced by the Board’s Discipline Policy and by student codes of behaviour established by each school. The intention is to encourage students to treat each other with mutual respect. Employees and students need to be aware of what constitutes sexual harassment and that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. All employees and students shall have the right to lodge a complaint of sexual harassment without fear or threat of reprisal.

Employees and students 16 years of age and older may initiate a complaint under the Sexual Harassment Administrative Procedure and Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure Guide. Students under 16 years of age may lodge a complaint with the school Principal, Vice-Principal or trusted staff member who will review the complaint in light of the disciplinary code of conduct and Family and Children’s Services Protocol. School Board personnel, under the Child and Family Services Act, are required to report to Family and Children’s Services any time they have “reasonable grounds to suspect” that a student under 16 years has been or is suffering sexual harassment.


  • Policy G-8: Code of Student Behaviour
  • Policy G-28: Student Discipline
  • Administrative Procedure 5-1: Sexual Harassment
  • Family and Children’s Services Protocol
  • Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure Guide
  • Sexual Harassment Complaint Form