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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Business

B-07 Board Vehicles

Date May 2018
Review May 2023

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is committed to safety and responsibility. This policy requires all DSBN employees who operate Board vehicles do so in a safe and lawful manner. The DSBN also requires that all Board vehicles be managed responsibly throughout the vehicle’s life cycle (acquisition, operation, maintenance and disposal). All DSBN employees who are provided with a Board vehicle are expected to use the vehicle solely for the purposes of conducting the business of the Board.

  1. Definition

    Board vehicles refer to any motorized vehicle such as car, truck or van that is owned or leased by the DSBN expressly for the purpose of carrying out Board business.

  2. Scope

    This policy applies to any designated DSBN employee who is assigned a vehicle and is required to operate the vehicle in conducting their job, or for the purpose of transporting groups of students, staff, other employees or visitors.

  3. Safety

    Employees are expected to take all steps necessary to avoid endangering themselves and others while operating Board vehicles.

    Any staff member who is in violation of DSBN safety expectations may be subject to disciplinary action by the Board up to and including termination.

  4. Accountability

    Recording of vehicle asset information, maintaining vehicle insurance, and management of safety recalls will be the responsibility of the Central Services Department within Business Services.

    Maintenance, licensing & registration, plating and vehicle logs will be the responsibility of each department and school that is assigned a Board vehicle. Departments and schools will be responsible for gas, vehicle supplies and maintenance, and will also ensure that vehicles have yearly safety inspections.

  5. Authority

    This policy is administered under the authority of the Superintendent of Business Services. Authority for the acquisition or disposal of Board-owned vehicles rests with the Superintendent of Business Services.