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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Board Governance and Administration

A-13 Board Logo

Date May 2018
Review May 2023

The District School Board of Niagara logo is registered as a trademark. The trademark logo should be displayed with the trademark registration symbol ® whenever it first appears in any document or publication.

The District School Board of Niagara shall ensure that the use of the Board logo is appropriate to the strategic planning goals, and policies of the Board.

The Board logo shall be used on all system documents and publications such as:

  • Board correspondence;
  • letterhead, websites;
  • vehicles, signage;
  • application forms;
  • job postings;
  • publications;
  • system documents;
  • public announcements;
  • advertisements; and
  • promotional materials.

The DSBN logo must also appear in concurrence with school logos on school based documents, publications, signage, websites and may appear on promotional items such as agendas, spirit wear, signage and giveaways.

The logo may not be displayed or used in any manner by any other individual, organization, or other entity without the written consent of the Director of Education, or designate. For example, the Director of Education may give approval, in writing, to an outside agency to include the Board logo in its materials for the purpose of acknowledging Board sponsorship, endorsement, partnership, or involvement in certain programs or events.

The Board logo shall appear only in its official version. There will be no electronic shape distortion, or any unauthorized deviation from the official Board logo unless permission has been granted by the Director of Education or designate. Going forward, the Board logo shall include the words "District School Board of Niagara".