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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Board Governance and Administration

A-09 Naming/Renaming of Schools

Date Jan 2017
Review Jan 2022

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) recognizes that the naming/renaming of a school is important for employees and students as well as to the surrounding community. As needed, an ad hoc committee for the purpose of naming/ renaming shall be established in accordance with this policy.


The Superintendent of Education in the area of the school to be renamed will submit a request by letter to the Chair of the Board of Trustees. With appropriate input from the Board of Trustees, the Chair and the Director of Education will determine if a naming committee will be formed.


  • Local Trustee(s) associated school
  • School Administrator representative or designate
  • Local School Council representative(s)
  • Student representative(s) (Secondary Only) Elementary participation will occur within school based activities
  • Superintendent of Education (serving as Chair and resource support)
  • Community representative if available


  • The committee will be provided with a list of possible names by the Committee Chair
  • The committee will evaluate suggestions and the information provided in support of the proposed name based on the naming criteria
  • The committee will vote using a system outlined at the first meeting by the Committee Chair


  • Input will be sought via DSBN and school communication vehicles including but not limited to newsletters/notices, websites and social media
  • Naming criteria, along with deadlines for submission of names will be clearly communicated with requests for naming input
  • The three top names will be communicated via DSBN and school communication vehicles including but not limited to newsletters/notices, websites and social media


To guide name selection, the Naming Committee will consider names that:

  • Inspire students
  • Reflect DSBN’s strategic plan and community composition
  • Recognize a renowned Canadian with significance to the Niagara community
  • Honour a Canadian whose contribution to Canadian society or to the world is recognized and valued across Canada
  • Depict an event that has shaped life in Niagara
  • Recognizes a historical name or an event significant to the area in which the school is located
  • Identifies the community served by the school
  • Uses the name of the street on which the school is located

Proposed names cannot:

  • Be of current employees or members of the Board


  • Superintendent of Education will submit the top three names put forth by the committee with the rationale for each name to the Office of the Director of Education.
  • The Director of Education staff coordinates the voting of the school name at a future regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.
  • Trustees will submit their preferences by ballot. Voting will continue until there is a clear majority.
  • After voting has concluded, the Chair of the Board of Trustees will request that a motion be made to declare the new name of the school and the effective date. The motion will be seconded and passed by the Board of Trustees.