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District School Board of Niagara
Policy Board Governance and Administration

A-02 Attendance at Board and Committee Meetings

Date Jun 2017
Review Jun 2022

In accordance with the Education Act provisions which allow the Board of Trustees to set the minimum requirements for attendance at meetings, the Board of Trustees of the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) supports the policy that Board of Trustees Members and Student Trustee(s) shall be physically present at Regular Board of Trustees Meetings and Committee Meetings each year beginning December 1 to November 30, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

The Education Act also provides that if a member of the Board of Trustees absents himself or herself from three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the Board of Trustees without being authorized by resolution entered in the Board of Trustees minutes, the member vacates his/her seat.


The DSBN supports the concept that the holding of Board of Trustees meetings and Committee Meetings where Board of Trustees Members, staff members and members of the public are physically present in the same room allows for greater ease of personal interaction, enhances meaningful discussion, facilitates the decision-making process, and simplifies the voting procedures and declarations of conflict of interest.


However, the Board of Trustees recognizes that special circumstances may arise that prevent the attendance of Board of Trustees Members and Student Trustee(s) from being physically present at meetings of the Board of Trustees or at committees of the Board of Trustees. In these limited special circumstances, in the interest of ensuring that a quorum is reached and providing for the maximum opportunity for participation by Board of Trustees Members and Student Trustee(s), the Board of Trustees shall provide the electronic means for participation, where practical, at all Board of Trustees and Committee Meetings through the establishment of telephone conference call connections in designated meeting rooms.

Permission must be granted by the Chair of the Board of Trustees to join a meeting by electronic means. Such requests would normally be made at least twenty-four hours before the scheduled meeting.


In the event a Board of Trustees Member is unable to attend a Committee Meeting, the Board of Trustees Member or the Committee Chair shall make every effort to find an alternate Board of Trustees Member to attend as their designated replacement and shall notify the Committee Chair of the name of the designated Board of Trustees Member. If a designate has not been named, then the Committee Chair will have the right to designate another Board of Trustees Member, and the designated replacement will have all voting privileges.